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Category: Thai Travel

Thai Travel Vlog Holiday, Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong is a Thai Festival of floating away anger and grudges on beautiful lotus rafts called Krathong.
This holiday occurs when the rice harvest ends and is traditionally a way to pay tribute to the Water Goddess. When creating your Krathong raft, you also put into it all of your bad feelings and grudges which are carried away by the raft and will eventually dissolve in the water.

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Khao Kho Mountain Wind Farm, Northern Thailand

Its a way from the city, around 50km or so and the road to the temple is not really signposted (or none that I could see). I came here last year and stopped off for lunch by the reservoir entrance but this time it was closed, so we waited until later and ate a hearty meal in the restaurant in the reservoir grounds.

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