Going from Bangkok to Seoul Korea for Food and Travel Adventure

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Thai Travel | 0 comments

Location 1:
Bangkok, Thailand

Location 2:  Seoul Korea:

I love living in Thailand and one of the reasons for that is how easy it is to start a new business.  Earlier this year, we started a successful nail spa: https://www.facebook.com/bobbynailschumphae/ and we have been holding a space next door for a while without a plan of what to do with it.  We decided to go to Korea for inspiration for a new café to fill that empty space.  People in Thailand look at Korea as a very “achieved” country and a center of style and new ideas. 

We headed off to Bangkok for an intense travel session that included an 8-hour bus ride, then 7 hour flight to Seoul in the chilly fall season.  We were very excited to try wonderful food, including Budae-jjigae (Korean Army Stew) and many other things.  We found the Korean people to be very polite and accommodating.  However; with no Grab taxi or ride sharing to quickly share GPS locations with drivers or Google Maps, it’s not an easy or cheap place to get around.  However; there were several wonderful locals who were a huge help and Seoul has so many dining and shopping options that it made for an exciting adventure.  Please join us for both parts of the videos to share the experience.  Don’t forget to subscribe for new adventures every week!

This was one of the nicest people we encountered on our trip. When our taxi driver couldn’t understand us, or Google Translate… or our map (I think he was nervous), this super nice guy came to the rescue.  He jumped in the Taxi and showed him where to take us.  So nice!!!