Location 1:
Khao Kho Mountain Wind Farm:


Related Location (another place you should check out: Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew Bhuddist Temple:


Angun and I decided to take an unplanned trip to the Khao Kho Mountain wind farm, knowing only a few friends were there and recommended it. It is located directly north of Khon Kaen, in Northern Thailand and about the same latitude as Udon Thani, so it’s creeping up on Laos. When you arrive you will be greeted with an incredible and surreal view of a local market and GIANT windmills around you. I recommend saving shopping for last as you won’t want to carry around a lot. Keep your selfie hands free and get ready for incredible photos. The main part of the farm requires a small 10 baht ($.031) entrance fee and this allows you to get out of the market area and to the edge of the hill where you will find generous numerous of beautiful flowers and plants.

There are at least two coffee shops within the farm that serve acceptable coffee. However; don’t worry. In the slight chill of the mountain air and with the picturesque atmosphere, it tastes great. I would recommend eating either before or after you go because as of this writing, most of the good food options seem to be in the towns below the hill where this is located. As far as shopping, we found plenty of Strawberry products such as syrups, juices, and jams. They likely have fresh strawberries seasonally but not during our visit. They have a wide variety of fresh produce and one item that was unexpected for us was Avocados. We bought two kilos for 60 baht/kilo (about $2) per kilo and they were fantastic. You can buy wooden windmills and a variety of inexpensive wind toys. If you look carefully, you can find some good quality trinkets worthy of your home trip or that make good gifts for local friends.

I want you to know that climbing these steps IS NOT necessary to see the large Buddha on top of the hill.  We did not realize this and took the stairs thinking it was the only option.  However; you can easily continue past the steps parking area and continue straight up the hill to the temple where you will find refreshments, parking and easy access to the shrine.  However; I do recommend taking the stairs at least once. For me it was the hardest part of the experience but it lead to meeting several monks, making friends and a spiritual experience and sense of accomplishment. It makes the view of the eastern side of the Ubonrat Lake that much more beautiful, especially around sunset.

There is local open bus transportation to take you to different areas of the farm and that is a convenient (and safe) way to move around the farm or just to sit for a while.
I have to take a moment to discuss the drive for your safety. I would rate the difficult of the road at a 6/10 under normal conditions. The same warning goes for the related temple location. The drive there was scenic and beautiful, but the last mountain is NOT good for new drivers. There are areas with no guard rails that would be difficult to survive a slip or going over too far to let by oncoming traffic. Also, this is NOT a good place when roads are wet. I honestly hope they close the road during bad weather, but I wouldn’t count on it. You can clearly see the dirt roads have deep veins, showing where water will rush. Combined with steep angles to drive, please don’t risk it. It’s not worth your life, no matter what the locals say. Also, you will have to drive around crowds of people on what resembles a slightly wide sidewalk. I think outside of Chiang Mai, this is one of the nicer day trips you can take. Or, get one of many resort options and take an extra day to visit the Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew temple.