Food Tour in Production and coming soon!

My name is Robert and my 3-month vacation to Thailand is going on two years now.  I am excited to share the Thai and Asian experience with you as an American in Thailand.  This is my wife Angun which translates to “Grapes”.  (Have her do an introduction about “How she is excited to share the Thai perspective and to eat some great food (laugh).   There is a ton of great food, markets, and adventures awaiting.

I wanted to start with a video to introduce my new home town of Chum Phae, Thailand.  It is an Amphoe or suburb of the larger city of Khon Kaen located in Northern Thailand.  There are many great things about Chum Phae but I think one of the best ways to introduce my new home town is to share with you some of my favorite places to eat in a 3-part food tour.  Even in 3 parts, we may not be able to get to every place we love here so be sure to comment below if you want to see another series with even more.